About Us

Training SpaceFinder was founded on the desire to revolutionise the training industry, paving the way for a streamlined, cost efficient and timely approach to the daunting task of finding a training venue.

Based on our years of expertise in the industry, we are an advocate for the buyer to find the right premise to meet their needs, consider their future needs and ensure the perfect premise is secured as a viable business solution.

Experienced in the RTO world with ASQA applications and the requirement of 9b certification, we are conversant with an RTO’s venue needs and can offer a range of options for our clients, including premises that are not available on the open market through a license agreement, or properties for commercial lease or sale.


Meet Vickie and Andrew the Training SpaceFinder founders.

Do you want to know who started this industry altering business?

Meet Vickie and Andrew – award-winning entrepreneurs, parents to three wonderful boys and experienced world travellers.

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